CHIC#AG is a combination of fashion online shop with social media features in Hong Kong. We search for unique brands and talented designers worldwide to present to you a wide spectrum of fashion items.


Share your mix and match


We believe everyone has her own fashion style and should be brave to speak it loud. Therefore, CHIC#AG is catered for fashion style photos and we love users to share their own mix and match.


Selfie and cash reward


By uploading selfie photos featuring items brought from CHIC#AG, others can follow your post tag to buy the same item. A 5% commission will be credited to your CHIC#AG wallet automatically on all sales generated from your post tag ! Cumulative commission balance will be transferred to your bank account monthly. Nothing is more convincing that other people do echo with your taste and preference.


Social media features


In CHIC#AG, You can message others anytime you like to exchange fashion insights, follow fashion celebrities and attract followers. Our fashion editor would share with you the latest fashion news to make sure you ride on the current trend.


Shop happily


We are strongly committed to offer you high CP fashion items purchased from original brands in the latest season.