ABOUT US: The Spirit of Terminus®

Terminus® history can be tracked back to 1994 when founder, Dato' Liew Bin started Bagman Corporation to specialize in custom made bags. He focused on creativity and innovation to produce high functional and quality bags for his clients. From his humble beginning with a handful of clients, today Dato' Liew Bin has produced more than 60 million bags for over 4000 clients locally and internationally.
With years of experience in mastering what goes into perfecting the ideal bag, Dato' Liew Bin carefully crafted Terminus® for today’s digital on-the-go generation with innovative features for urban lifestyle activities.

Terminus® is beyond the ordinary. Every Terminus® bag is designed to fulfil our 5Fs -

          Uniquely Formed,
          Hand Feel and 

giving you the Terminus® difference. So whether you're into a sophisticated, professional or active lifestyle, you will find innovations and conveniences you didn't think possible in a bag until you are the proud owner of a Terminus® bag - bags that wow and work!
Our Promise
Terminus® is about creating bags which meet the needs of today's digital urban lifestyle.

Every Terminus® bag is the result of months of design refinement to produce a superior comfort, premium quality and great functionality.

Focused to inspire the digital generation to express themselves, Terminus® bags are fashionable and expressive. From fun patterns to bright colours, we promise you will appreciate the sleek design and the performance of every Terminus® bag.


Terminus Bikerz - GREY


Terminus Cyclist - DARK RED


Terminus Cyclist - APPLE GREEN


Terminus Cyclist - GREY


Terminus Invisible Roller 3.0 - ROYAL BLUE


Terminus Invisible Roller 3.0 - GREY